Even the best of business strategies needs effective execution to work. The capabilities of business leaders are the only real and sustainable competitive advantage that is becoming even more important now that working life is undergoing a major change.

Ultimately, the leaders will decide how strategy is deployed in everyday life and whether the organization meets its goals. A totally new kind of communications is expected of them, focusing on listening to people and open interaction.

Kaija Pohjala, KoiKoi’s coach, has taken as her mission to unleash the hidden potential of leaders and help them to develop into better and the best leaders they can be. The help and support of an experienced, objective and reliable partner is priceless when leaders want to broaden their perspective quickly, reach a clearer strategic view, improve their decision-making abilities and boost their performance.

I work together with the customer organization’s key persons and teams, aiming at individual development, increasing the company shareholder value and building up business values.