KoiKoi’s has a practical, business-driven approach that is tailored for each leader’s role, opportunities and business challenges. As a coach, I don’t give advice or tell the leader what to do or do the work on his/her behalf. I help leaders think better.

I, KoiKoi’s coach Kaija Pohjala, have been steeped in business and different business challenges as an entrepreneur, which is a big plus in sharing information, understanding and experiences. I have over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and the owner and leader of one of the biggest PR Consultancies in Finland. Throughout my professional career, I have provided support in challenging change and crisis situations to many international and domestic companies and organizations in the technology, finance, medical, and consumer sectors as well as public administration.

Achieving growth—both in business and mental capital

In our meetings, we will discuss your goals, successes and challenges, as well as things that concern you. As a coach, I will ask questions that help you find your blind spots. Our discussions will generate insights that you can utilize in your everyday work.

During this process, you will develop a better understanding of the expectations and needs of different stakeholder groups that your organization can respond to by taking the correct action. And you will achieve results—they can be seen right away in your bottom line but in the long-term also as higher employee satisfaction, stronger organizational culture and improved overall efficiency.