Business experience

Communications experience

I, KoiKoi’s coach Kaija, have been in the business for over 20 years and grown my own firm from one-woman startup to a business employing 40 people that is one of the biggest and most international PR Consultancies in Finland. The scars this career has left can be seen in my body. I have learnt that a good leader never gives up, always asks for feedback and listens to it, and has conversations with people. When it is time to make decisions one has to stick to them, and not spin like a weathervane. A good leader is fair, understands the different needs of different people and responds to them accordingly. A good leader treats everybody with respect and equally, and is careful not to surround him/herself with toadies and yes-men. I think teaching, training and giving advice differs from taking responsibility of business and taking risks. The business experience makes one humble, trusting, bold and curious.

The most critical capability required of today’s leaders is communication skills. The ability to engender trust, listen to others and to inspire are key. This and the ability to act convincingly in all situations decide whether the leader will succeed. I have supported hundreds of business leaders in their communications during my career. The best ones take a lot of time to improve their communications capabilities. Only practice makes a master.

Coaching- and training experience

  • I have trained hundreds of companies and facilitated teams in different kinds of change and crisis situations. For the past two years, I have coached both individuals and teams and helped them harness their hidden potential to reach their goals.
  • I am a certified Global Leadership Profile (GLP) coach, and I make action logic surveys for leaders that help them raise their awareness and develop their leader capabilities.
  • I’m a certified Business Coach Institute (BCI) coach for individuals, teams and groups, and I train individuals, teams and groups to reach their targets and broaden their point-of-view.
  • I cooperate with Amara Collaboration: we arrange and manage company and individual transformation trainings and multi-company cultural transformation discussion groups.

Extensive domestic and international stakeholder network

I have, thanks to my long business and communications experience and networking-prone style, created a vast contact network from different business sectors both in Finland and abroad. Thanks to it, I can use the best practices from around the world for my customer’s benefit.


  • I’m your coach, if you want to be challenged and taken outside your comfort zone
  • I’m your coach, if you believe that you need to try something new to reach your goals as a leader
  • I’m your coach. if you take heart and decide to dare
  • I’m your coach, if you have it in you to be sensitive and even laugh at yourself
  • I’m your coach, if you read this and you are still with me!