”Kaija is very experienced, capable and inspiring trainer and coach. She manages with a firm but pleasant touch both individual and team encounters, even in international environments. She is able to take business challenges and targets very well into consideration.”

Riina Kirmanen
CMO Chief Marketing Officer
Vaisala Oyj

”Cooperation with Kaija is splendid. Thanks to her long and vast experience, she could dig deep into essential issues very quickly. Her challenging, but at the same time easily approachable personality helps the client open up and find new fresh ideas to her own thinking and actions and above all, make bold decisions.”

Minna Ikäheimonen
CEO, Entrepreneur
InfoBase Towers Oy



Other client comments:

”Our discussions have reached the core quite fast, and they have surprised and empowered me.”


”Kaija’s coaching style is a concept.”


”It’s wonderful to find a similar kind of a person who is efficient courageous, supporting and challenging me on my own journey.”


”Thanks to these discussions I have been filled with new energy to introduce new things into practice.”