Sharing a common experience framework
KoiKoi’s coach Kaija has over 20 years of experience in business as a CEO, Chairman and the owner and entrepreneur of a PR Consultancy employing 40 people. She has also been deeply involved in international networks. This experience benefits the coaching process, building trust and a sense of being in the same boat.

Creating a space of trust
Together, we will create a space of trust and security where you can freely generate new ideas, share experiences and thoughts and map out your options for perceiving and doing things in a new light. In addition to insights, this process will generate new, creative energy.

Time for thinking
”For once somebody is listening, and I can think in peace about my own things, all the way to the end.” I will place a mirror in front of you and help you to improve your thinking. I won’t do it for you, as is often the case.

Awareness of how your behavior affects others
I help you understand and manage better your own thinking and your behavior’s effects on others. We often don’t understand how others interpret our words and actions and how varied are the reasons and situations that can cause different interpretations.

Working in a multicultural environment
I help the customer understand challenging multicultural environments and communicate correctly in them. When necessary, I will bring other coaches from around the world to the team. I speak fluent English and Swedish, and tolerable French and German.