We should meet at the beginning to see if my style suits you, your personality, learning behavior and the challenge in question.

If the chemistry works well between us, we can proceed. If you have any reservations, we can find another coach for, better suited for the job.

The coaching begins officially, when we agree together or between three parties (coach, coachee, organization’s representative) on the terms of cooperation, its duration and goals. After that, my duty as a coach is to take care of the process. The client’s, i.e. coachee’s duty is to advance his/her own thinking and learning as well as take action to reach the targets set.

As the coach, my job is to make sure that the process supports you in reaching your targets. As a side effect, you may experience some bigger than life moments when you realize something important and insightful. This often gives the client great satisfaction, and even more so to the coach.

My clients use the following words to describe their insights and experiences during coaching: “I got some totally new and fresh ideas,” “I gained the courage to make decisions,” “the sessions were very empowering,” ”for once, here is a challenging, visionary and bold coach.”